QuantaEx QBTC/QUDC Trade and Earn

作者 QuantaEx 日期 2020-08-06
QuantaEx QBTC/QUDC Trade and Earn

Dear Traders,

Learn trade and earn with QuantaEx

QuantaEx has been in the crypto space for quite a while now. After successfully completing its updates and upgrades throughout the months it’s been on the favourite lists of many. QuantaEx has always prioritised the safety and convenience of its user base. Bringing out the much requested features, faster trading execution and a customisable user interface that the users are free to change it to their hearts desire. QuantaEx is one of the most feature packed exchanges out there and the list is way too vast to cover in a single article. But it will give you a pretty clear idea about what to expect. So let’s dive right into it!

Trade and earn: QBTC/$QUDC

QuantaEx was established back in 2018 with their in-house development, keeping security and users privacy on the top of the priority list the devs started rolling out new and improved updates for the site. QuantaEx has its own telegram channel for users to share their thoughts and drop their suggestions. With a wise and helpful community by its side, QuantaEx received lots of upgrades which were not mere hunches but rather features that the users wanted and came straight from the users as well. Hence, every added features was based upon your suggestions, The users!
The team has successfully integrated the requested features and functions throughout the months that now it every tab,button,menu or even the animations are as polished as it gets. And can be confidently can state that, It’s one of the most sorted out exchanges out there, having a rich feature set, robust security and client prioritising.

QuantaEx has some big plans for the future as well. Community are already aware of the movement and the smart traders among them already has claimed their piece of the pie.
QuantaEx has issued its own coin.

One is $$QUDC and the other is $QBTC
$$QUDC is the one which will be readily available and will be traded on the platform for profit and perks.
it’s planned out to be as valuable as a single dollar. But it’s not advisable for anyone to play the guessing game as there’s still a lot more way to cover and not set your hopes on assumptions. But we do have a helpful and wise community and they surely can bring up the value of their loved coin $$QUDC

On the other hand $QBTC is set out to be a more scarce and rare gem of a coin. Having high value and low supply.

These are just the basics.You can learn more in-depth on our official chatroom. We would appreciate you joining our community. Link will be given at the end of the article.

Exciting Airdrops Always

  • QuantaEx has always been enthusiastic about the drops and has always tried to provide its probable users with the most interesting and engaging airdrops.
  • And the probable airdrop participants out there you guys should definitely be pumped when i say that it’s one of the best airdrops ever to be conducted on QuantaEx!
  • With every newly registered account the platform will provide that account with 20,000 of $$QUDC for free.
  • Users will be able to trade with them and make profit out of it.
  • Do join our community for condition and details.

Thanks for your support!
QuantaEx Team