What is the QuantaEx and How to Working

作者 QuantaEx 日期 2020-08-06
What is the QuantaEx and How to Working

Let me say something; Most of the peoples does not know about our platform. I want tell something about this

  1. Quantaex is not an ordinary platform which not built on readymade fixed script.

  2. In back end 5 full scale server works.

    • MySQL
    • Redis
    • RabbitMQ
    • Peatio
    • Barong
  3. These 5 servers are extremely powerful and most advance for such platform like QuantaEx. All servers are most current versions.
    Others servers are.

    • Control Tower
    • 4 Coin Nodes
    • Monitor

Besides all these 18 daemons are all time non-stop running. We need [used] 2 64GB 16-core 1TB server and one 8-core 32GB, 1.5TB server. We have much capacity. But you my dear community need to understand to currectly running this types of system takes how many days.

My assistant developer JK is now grown up. He is scalling user UI/UX design very nicely. I am TR (CEO of QuantaEx) still developing more. Because we want to make it No#1 in quality.

I believe without a quality “Katana” you will not win, when how qualified “Samurai” are you is not matter. You need a good “Blade”.
We finished!! Pray for us

Thanks for your support!
QuantaEx Team