QuantaEx | The Endless Journey of a Ever Living Hope

作者 QuantaEx 日期 2020-08-06
QuantaEx | The Endless Journey of a Ever Living Hope


Before we dive into the subject the first thing we need to understand is the basics of digital money and how it functions. Well basically digital assets or cryptocurrency is a form of value determined by its supply and demand. They can be traded through cryptocurrency exchange platforms which are basically the banks for cryptocurrency which unlike traditional banks does not have an opening or closing time. Usually you can trade your digital assets through them 24/7

There are numerous digital exchanges out there and QuantaEx.Com in one of them.

Basics out of the way, we’ll dig deeper into the subject and you probably knew the topic of discussion is QuantaEx!

Well, Quantaex is a digital exchange platform which priorities on the safety and user privacy to build itself upon. Established in the early 2019 founded by Mr. TR who has been in the crypto space for almost a decade. Apart from his other projects Quantaex has survived the test of time by providing its users with the feature set that they’ve come to love and except from a high end exchange platform.
Upgrades and updates are made regularly to meet the requirements for the advanced users.

Apart from the major currencies such as-btc,eth,ltc and others QuantaEx also welcomes the newcomers who have a legitimate optimistic project on their hands, paving the way for their growth and exposure.

You may ask what extras does QuantaEx offers from its competitors! Yes, i’ll gladly tell you that QuantaEx believes in the Quality approach rather than the quantity one. Can’t deny that QuantaEx is a feature packed exchange on itself but still they tend to add a polished version of feature set than to throwing beta upgrades on their users. Adding only the tried and true upgrades that are worthy of being called upgrades and are appreciated by its users.

Here are few features list of QuantaEx

Strong, Secure, Quick

QuantaEx is backed up by a strong and reliable backend. State of the art trade engine and super fast executional speed.

Trade without limits

Process up to 50,000 transactions per second

Support all currencies

Support multiple digital and fiat currencies, ERC20 tokens and more.

Sleek yet Advanced

We’ve designed and tweaked each tab,text,overlay etc in such a way that it’s pleasing to the eye and gives a advanced user experience yet being simple enough to be understandable by all

Coins status

Listed crypto currencies live updating coin/token deposit, withdrawal, trade, API status

Customisable UI

We’ve made the layout customisable by its users so they can fine tune according to their preference.
Night Mode!

Welcome to 2020

  • Such an effective and requested feature but still it’s missing on many platforms out there. But we don’t want to users to get blinded by the harsh bright colours at 1AM!
  • Better yet, night mode is set as default!
  • Giving users also the freedom to toggle through normal mode it they desire.

Custody Protection Guaranteed

Asset funds are kept in our cold storage custody solution preventing any malicious hacks.

24/7 Customer Support

Reliable 100% up - time with around the clock account access to all asset trading and balances.

  • Eligibility for future airdrop and bonuses

QuantaEx conducts new airdrops and bonuses for its users every now and then. Being a user here also makes you eligible.

Thanks for your support!
QuantaEx Team